Moving a Luxury Vehicle


Whether your luxury car is: a collectible, for weekends up the coast, for a more entertaining ride, or an all electric commute; you probably aren’t going to want to place that baby on a flat bed when you’re moving long distance. Exotic and collector cars are delicate requiring white glove service when transported to ensure they are secure and protected from the elements of the road.

From video monitored storage to detailing, it is vital to select a vehicle transport company that specializes in luxury automobiles and will attend to your prized car or car collection like a member of the family. To identify a provider of luxury car transportation, look at their experience, equipment and tailored offerings.  Top automobile transport providers such as Century Specialized Towing & Transport provide the proper equipment designed specifically to transport exotic cars and have relationships with luxury auto services. They understand every car and client has different needs, addressing them with the utmost concern.  When qualifying an auto transport service provider check their client reviews and ensure they offer the following four services.

1.  Enclosed Transportation & Specialized Equipment

The one must have when transporting a luxury vehicle is to use enclosed transportation. An enclosed truck is going to be extremely more protective than an open car carrier. Enclosed trucks prevent damage from road debris, rocks, dirt, wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Most enclosed trailers are fitted with shock absorbers all around the inside of the trailer to keep the cars even more secure. Inquire about the features of the truck to ensure it is designed specifically to transport your valuable four-wheel asset with no damage to the body or the undercarriage.

2.  Security

In the course of a transport, the vehicle should be monitored at all times. Whether it is being carefully watched by auto professionals or a top of the line security system, be sure your baby has eyes on it at all times, even during stops along the road. If storage is required during the transport process, the storage facility should also have 24/7 security.

3.  Insurance

Before you transport your luxury car, know the extent of liability of your carrier. Most carriers cover for negligence on their part.  Damages due to natural calamities such as rain and sleet are not covered. Consider adding additional coverage from another insurance company to make certain you have sufficient coverage.

4.  The Extra Mile

A reputable car transport provider will offer additional services. The preferred auto transporter will have relationships with luxury auto dealers and services to not only safeguard that your car is transported properly, but they will set up service appointments and handle the pickup and drop off so that you never have to give it a thought. They offer detailing services to leave the car in pristine condition. And, their knowledgeable staff will babysit your four-wheeled baby, starting the car after the long haul and caring for it until you arrive home.

Once you have found a reputable luxury car transport provider, take these simple steps to protect your four-wheeled treasure and your wallet:

Before the Transport:

  • Take video of the underside, the rocker panels and the exhaust. You should have extensive video of any area of your car that could be damaged.
  • Document the mileage on your odometer.
  • Take video of the car carrier that will transport your auto.

After the Transport:

  • When your car is being unloaded from the transporter, photograph everything.
  • Check your odometer to confirm it reflects your previous documentation.
  • Check your tires for unusual wear behind the wheel well.
  • If there are concerns regarding damage, these recordings will make filing a reimbursement claim with the insurer simplified.

Handing over your keys to a stranger to move your prized car, or collection, to a new home can be pretty nerve-wracking. The best way to ease your mind is to do your homework.  Take the time to find a qualified car transport provider that checks all of the above boxes; and follow the before and after steps. Just think about the blissful reunion when you find her in pristine condition in your new garage.

Post by Laura McHolm
An organizational, moving & storage expert and co-founder of NorthStar Moving Company.

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