Making Your Home Safe for Baby

Your little one’s on-the-go adventures mark a huge milestone for his or her development and your family. Before you allow your baby to trek freely from room to room, get your home ready for a child on the move with these safety steps and precautions:

Prepare before the birth

First-time parents are likely to embark upon a new life filled with late nights, sleep deprivation, and a world of stresses they’ve never experienced or considered. Prepare your home before the baby is born to avoid the panic of waiting until the last minute.

 Tour like your tot

The first step toward ensuring your home is ready for a mobile child is to see the world from the same level. Take a crawling tour around your home to see things that may be in the way or discover hazardous items that are within easy reach. Use all of your senses to assess any potential dangers.

 Latch it up

Protect your little one from sharp objects and heavy items by installing child protection latches on all cabinets and drawers. For an added layer of protection, keep any sharp objects and harmful chemicals in high places only adults can reach.

 Evaluate learning objects

Bookshelves, bedside tables, and the items placed on them, such as television sets and other large appliances, can be a threat to the safety of a small child trying to pull him or herself up and balance on two feet. Ensure these items are properly secured or keep them put away unless in use to avoid them being pulled on top of your child.

 Other safety measures

To properly prepare your home for a mobile child, don’t forget to take steps such as:

·      Covering electrical outlets with safety plugs

·      Placing safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases

·      Installing fireplace screens

·      Adding foam padding to sharp furniture corners and edges

·      Placing a soft cover over the bathtub waterspout

·      Removing blinds with looped cords or installing safety tassels and cord stops

·      Stocking your first aid kit

·      Putting non-slip pads under rugs