Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips 2021

Spring-cleaning time is right around the corner, and here are some life-changing spring cleaning tips for 2021. Spring-cleaning seems like a difficult chore sometimes, and it can get really messy, but with these tips, you’ll be cleaning like a boss. 

Time to roll up your arm sleeves and show the dust who is in charge of your home. Locate your cleaning rags and other tools, and let’s get started!

Tip #1: Make A Schedule

Before you even start your spring-cleaning, you should sit down and make a schedule. Put down when you will do what, and then put that where you will easily see it. It is a lot easier to accomplish big tasks like spring-cleaning when you break it down into smaller tasks.

Be sure to put down a complete list of tasks and places that you will be cleaning on your schedule. This way, not only will you know when you are doing each task, you will have a master list that you can look at. 

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Tip #2: Work Top to Bottom

Many people mistake cleaning the floor first and then have to reclean the floor when they begin dusting their ceilings. When you are doing your spring cleaning, clean the ceilings and walls first. This way, when you clean your floor, it won’t get dirty again.

If you do not want your furniture to get dirty, cover them with plastic or even blankets. After you have finished dusting your ceilings, you can remove the covering and either dispose of it or clean it off for next year.

Tip #3: Think Green

When you’re spring cleaning, you are trying to get rid of last year’s grime and waste, so don’t start 2021 off with chemicals. When you do your spring cleaning, use natural methods and cleaning products. 

Get a steam cleaner that you can use to clean your home, and since steam cleaners only use water vapor, they are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. You will feel so much better starting your year with a chemical-free home. 

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Tip #4: Don’t Forget The Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are areas that you typically don’t want to touch when you are cleaning, and it’s understandable. These rooms tend to be the dirtiest and most difficult to clean rooms in your house, and it seems like such a difficult chore.

Set aside an entire day for each room, and take your time with it. Really give them the love they deserve, and once you have finished, you can feel pride for overcoming such a difficult cleaning job. 

When cleaning the kitchen, don’t forget to go through your pantry, cupboards, and fridge to eliminate any old and unwanted food. Maybe you have leftovers from 3 weeks ago that no one is going to eat, or maybe a half-eaten box of cereal that you just don’t really want to finish off. Getting rid of old food opens up for a new year and gives a sense of peace. 

Tip #5: Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, spring-cleaning is probably some hellish task that you put off for as long as you can. Instead of setting it off, just get the right equipment to protect yourself and keep your allergies at bay. Wearing a face mask, gloves and using all-natural cleaners will help decrease your allergic outburst from spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning only happens once a year, yet it is one of the biggest cleaning tasks that a person deals with. You now know five life-changing spring cleaning tips for 2021. Get your gear and go clean your house!