Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer 2021

Summer-ready Backyard

Summer vacation plans are still on pause for millions of homeowners, which means lots of people are looking for ways to turn their outdoor spaces into dreamy warm-weather escapes. “People are craving the idea of taking a vacation,” says designer Sara Barney. “As a way to replace a tropical trip, homeowners have started focusing on making their outdoor living spaces feel like a destination-inspired oasis.”

Read on for some of the top trends and expert advice on turning a backyard, deck, or patio into a personal oasis.

Durable Long-Lasting Furniture

“If you’re going to be lounging around your outdoor space, you have to be comfortable and the furniture should be made to last,” says Sara Barney of Bandd Design. Barney adds that “more traditional outdoor furniture materials, like plastic, wood, and wicker aren’t built to last various weather conditions (humidity, storms, etc).” And because her clients are spending so much more time in their outdoor spaces, Barney now opts for more durable materials that she knows “will last a lifetime,” like metal, aluminum, or concrete.

Bringing the Living Room Outside

John McClain of John McClain Design believes that, as people move their lives outside for the summer, they should think about designing their outdoor spaces “the same way they decorate their indoor spaces.” Specifically, McClain notes that “area rugs, comfortable furniture, beautiful lighting, cozy blankets, and enough flat surfaces to place food and drink on are essential” for a lounge-worthy outdoor space.

Comfy Seating is a Must

The team at Pulp Design Studios explains that a well-designed outdoor living space “is all about comfort. It’s essential to have nice comfortable outdoor seating and heat for warmth. It’s important to have all the great elements of an indoor space, but outside.”

Outdoor Planters = Decor of the Summer

“Fun and stylish planters are a great way to add depth and personality to your outdoor space,” says the team at Pulp Design Studios. And with the wide variety of looks and sizes to choose from, decorative planters are easy to customize to every space and style.

Outdoor Kitchens

“The lines between indoor and outdoor design are blurring more and more,” says designer John McClain. “Our clients are looking for the exact same amenities that they currently have in their indoor spaces in their outdoor spaces. Outdoor entertaining areas are being kicked up a notch! Full kitchens with every appliance and amenity possible,” are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seeks to extend the possibilities of life outdoors.