7 Fall Home Decor Trends for 2020

The past few months you've probably given yourself a good workout simply by just moving furniture and accessories around, but if you're still itching for a change-up in terms of your home's aesthetic, looking to the next season might be the next step. Well, fall is officially in sight, as are the biggest fall 2020 home decor trends. According to a ton of successful interior designers, you don't have to do a major overhaul to start transitioning your space. With just a few key additions or changes, you can set a totally different mood with ease.

Decor Trend 1

Decorate with fall leaves

Fall leaves, with their bright colours, are an infinite resource for decorating your home. Filling a large minimal vase with some branches of fall leaves is the easiest way to add a warm natural touch at home, but you can also explore more creative solutions like garlands and centerpieces. Colours can range from neutral yellows and browns, to bright oranges and even reds. 

Decor Trend 2

Add a touch of warm caramel and cinnamon

When talking about fall winter decor, thinking about warm colour hues comes naturally to our minds. Despite being the trendiest colours in this period for the home decor, in fact, colors like cinnamon, caramel, terracotta, immediately add a warmer touch in any interior. If you don’t feel like repainting walls no worries, you can achieve a great result even only by replacing some cushions and textiles.

Decor Trend 3

Exposed bricks are back

With terracotta hues so strongly back on trend, and bricks as one of the top sizes for tiles and decor, unfinished exposed walls are a great option to be re-discovered. More than being beautiful only into industrial styled spaces, they are perfect to add a raw eclectic touch also in Scandinavian and minimalist interiors.

Decor Trend 4

Paint a corner in olive green

Another color I recommend for this fall/winter season is olive green. With greens coming back a lot, we can be tempted by painting in green everywhere but let’s be honest some greens can be pretty cold in this season. I think that olive green is the perfect middle ground between greens and warm hues, making it perfect for a fall/winter revamp. Beautiful for example for the headboard wall, paired with wood and Vienna straw.

Decor Trend 5

Add a piece of textile art

Want to try something different from usual prints and posters? Consider buying a handmade piece of textile art to be hung alone on a focal point. For a really original result, you could also try a statement rug with a bold graphical pattern, not to be used on the floor but to be placed on the wall.

Decor Trend 6

Cozy up with patterned and tartan

This is definitely one traditional decor that will never be out of style but it’s back as a trend in 2020. If it still looks too old style for you, consider it in white and black, or in greyscale. Alternatively, consider other kind of patterned decors on fabrics and wool, like minimal checks or other traditional cozy patterns.

 Decor Trend 7

Revamp that Modern area rug 

We are experiencing a renaissance in modern area rugs and this is for sure a decorating trend for all the next year. Traditionally created in Iran by nomadic tribes, modern area rugs are inspired by oriental and islamic design, with bold decorative pattern perfectly fitting into the maximalist macro trend of this period.  A micro decorating trends in rugs right now is also about traditional designed rug been altered to make them look old, that’s to say with an“erased design."