13 Fall Decor Ideas to Warm Up 2021, According to Experts

Fall Decor Ideas

1. Nordic Retreat

"The serene Scandinavian style is updated with more sustainable, grounding and artisan elements, giving more character and a more personalized touch to the home. Minimal becomes more studied and unique, warming your space without overpowering the eyes.

“Key materials include pieces handmade of earthy materials such as rough wood, stone and concrete. Elements include patterned ceramic accessories and in-tone fabrics with micro-weaved designs.

“Into a neutral living space, implement unique accessories with sculptural forms or accent pieces that you’ll find in a small artisan market. Even better, show off some of your own talent; this trend is all about personal spark and authentic imperfection, so display a hand-knitted throw, embroidered pillowcase or genuine ceramic bowl – made by you!” – Maro Zannia, Visual Stylist

2. Velvet

In terms of upholstery, fall’s biggest trend is velvet, and we couldn’t be happier. Luxuriously plush and all-around irresistible, velvet is the perfect texture for creating a cozy, fall-ready ambience.

To embrace velvet’s plush luxury, think in terms of velvet layers, like the pillows and sofa pictured above.

Because velvet is already warm and comfortable by nature, you can have fun with bold, cooler colors – and not worry about detracting from a cozy fall ambience.

3. Burgundy + Brown Floral

"Burgundy and brown florals, along with red and orange – and extra greens and browns for a more rustic feeling.

"Add your own touch by pairing your centerpiece with mini pumpkins!” – Cha’queza Telp, Visual Stylist
“The fun thing about seasons changing is the color and texture in the florals. Adding pops of colors such as purples, browns and oranges within florals certainly make coming home on a fall evening worth it.” – Alyssa Moore, Design Consultant

4. Fall Leaves

"It's not fall without warm colors and cozy textures!

“I love adding pumpkins and fall leaves to dining tables and cocktail tables to help bring the fall feel into all areas of the home.” – Brynna Evans, Design Consultant

5. Tarnish

Cozy doesn’t just apply to fabrics and upholstery; when distressed with just the right amount of patina, woods and metals bring a soft glow perfect for fall.

Remember, too, that distressed metals aren’t just for furniture pieces – consider incorporating them into wall art galleries for unexpected fall charm. 

6. Candles

“As the wind picks up and the leaves start to fall, candles not only supply luminous features but bring warm, inviting and reasonable options for decor throughout the entire home.

“Placing a few votives on the fireplace, entryway table or outdoor patio is fun - bringing elegance and dimension.” – Alyssa Moore, Design Consultant

7. Chunky Knits

This fall, expect to see knits everywhere – from sweaters and scarves to poufs and throw blankets!

While a monochrome throw is familiar and cozy, nothing will reflect the excitement of changing autumn leaves and glowy sunsets quite like a multi-color weave – like in the knit throw pictured above.

Knit throw blankets and pillows are a fall design favorite, but they can also work year-round when kept in neutral shades like creamy white or soft brown.  

8. Lanterns

"Whether at your front door or going up the side of your staircase, lanterns are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

“Surround your lanterns with traditional harvest elements, such as corn and hay. Add candles to give it the cozy fall touch!” – Cha’queza Telp, Visual Stylist

9. (Vegetative) Texture

"As the seasons change, the opportunity to add textures is more than a win-win.

“In the home, you can add textures with different types of textured pillows, blankets and even tabletop items such as figs and cotton.” – Alyssa Moore, Design Consultant

10. Retro Fusion

“I love this trend, because it is one of the most nostalgic ones of the year. It’s all about a combination of 70’s rich warm color palettes, such as mustard-and-honey yellows, millennial shades of pink, dramatic tones of red and lush greens.

“It combines Art Deco and Bauhaus lines in furniture – and it’s all inspired by the ‘20s and ‘40s of the last century. Besides warm colors and curvy scallop shapes, another bold characteristic of this trend is the return of velvet furnishing. The once old-fashioned multidimensional fabric is now embraced and reintroduced as new, luxurious and comforting.

“Retro Fusion in big and small doses will help your existing furniture instantly pop and feel new.

 “It will bring amazing personality, value and eclecticism through nostalgia for the richest and most glorious years of industrial design.” – Maro Zannia, Visual Stylist

11. Modern Farmhouse

A little bit industrial, a little bit rustic-chic and a whole lot cozy, modern farmhouse is redefining contemporary designs with soft colors and distressed finishes – just in time for fall!   

In the living room pictured above, notice how there is almost no instance of pure white; when it comes to fall modern farmhouse, warmth is found in colors!

12. Pumpkin + Chocolate

Incorporate orange and brown, particularly in shades of pumpkin and chocolate, to warm up any interior.  

“Sweet” isn’t just for your morning espressos and after-dinner desserts – it’s also for fall decor.

13. Layers

"Layers of rugs, throws, and pillows along with warm colors will bring coziness and get you ready for the fall season.